Subscription iptv ibo player 4k 12 months

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Enjoy IPTV and VOD with ibo player on your smart TV, Android box, never miss your favorite programs available in several SD/HD/FHD/4k resolutions, as well as your favorite films and series, compatible compatible with all IPTV subscriptions with a format called Xtreme IPTV or IPTV m3u.




ibo player

ibo player is an application available on Smart TVs as well as Android smartphone and tablet boxes.

the Ibo Player application is not an IPTV subscription itself, this application allows you to play the various IPTV streams available on the market. that is to say when we say I want an ibo player subscription it’s not a subscription called ibo player, it’s just an application that allows us to play our video formats in our case it’s is an IPTV format that is to say a live TV stream as well as VOD of course.

How to download ibo player:

this application is available exclusively on Smart TVs, for example Smart TV LG, Smart TV Samsung and other Smart TVs on the market, that said, this application can also be used on a purely Android medium, i.e. on a box Android TV gives an example of this with the Amazon fire stick or the Android x 96 box.


ibo player is compatible with all IPTV subscriptions with a format called Xtreme IPTV or IPTV m3u.

What you need to know about ibo player:

the application is available for download via their official website, or directly via the store of your Smart TV for example the Web OS Store of LG the sport of downloading applications of Samsung directly on Smart TV.

in the first place it must be understood that the application is paid, that is to say having an IPTV subscription or buying an IPTV subscription is not enough to take advantage of this subscription.

ibo player offers two packs:

the first pack is 7 € for a 12 month activation (and the price does not include with the IPTV subscription).

the second pack offered is a pack with a lifetime activation which is 10-12 € that is to say buy the application with a lifetime activation and we can use our different IPTV subscriptions with this application.

you should also know that even if you pay 10 – 12 € for a lifetime activation of the ibo player application, he will be obliged in parallel to buy his IPTV subscription available for example from us webtechnodz.

learn more:

the ibo player application has been available in the Smart TV and IPTV market for several years, however the latter has experienced a buzz recently following the blocking of the well-known IPTV smarters application which is the direct competitor of ibo player.

indeed several platforms for downloading the IPTV smarters application have decided to ban the latter from their store, we give example with the LG Os web which permanently blocked the application, as well as by Google Play as well as Google Play Android TV .

Our advice:

with this application we advise to use the IPTV subscription iron pro IPTV, Gogo IPTV, Atlas pro IPTV, and other IPTV subscriptions which must be reasonable in number of TV channels and VOD. because unfortunately several TVs available on the market will not support the high number of content offered by the various IPTV subscriptions, in particular Atlas pro IPTV which is not recommended to be used with a Smart TV, We advise you to use an Android box which is more recommended for the optimal use of an IPTV subscription with all Live and VOD TV channels and Series.

Of course, a stable and powerful internet connection is strongly necessary for optimal use, in order to avoid any power cut problem.

Additional information

Ibo player

Activation 12 mois, Activation à vie, Sans activation


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